The New Playbook: Winning Strategies from the Game of Business

In the competitive arena of modern business, a playful revolution has taking hold. It’s one that has less to do with AI and VR and more with the universal appeal of games—from the humble tic-tac-toe to the communal buzz of a good tv gameshow.

Enter Tony Jones, the Executive Creative Director at veSpace, who’s turning the age-old incentive of ‘fun’ into a powerful catalyst for learning and engagement in the event industry. His background in TV entertainment is bringing a fresh take on business interactions that relied less on hi-tech and more on human centric design.

Post Covid, people loved the element of playing together interactively to find the joy in the tedium. The current business generation has grown up with consoles and mobile gaming, so much of modern life is already gamified from collecting shopping and travel loyalty points, to points on driving licences, and collecting likes or followers on social. It’s everywhere, but why?

Because it appeals to us it at such a deep psychological level. We are essentially all playful, we like having fun and this taps into are deep our need for recognition, greater meaning, accomplishment, empowerment, ownership, social capital, and curiosity. We are tired of functional focused design and finding ways to engage on a human level, be it in wellness, WFH, or inclusivity. This is a mega trend that isn’t going away. So, now more than ever, gamification is an innovate way to tackle many of today’s modern business challenges.

The Game of Engagement: A Strategy for Connection

Picture this: a conference where the agenda includes a list of compelling industry quizzes. Or, an event where each activations visit counts in a larger game of business bingo. Here, the thrill of competition and the joy of play are not mere distractions; they are the engines that drive participation and forge memorable connections.

Networking: The Real-World Social Network

Gone are the days of stiff networking events. Imagine instead an interactive quiz that pits divisional teams against one another, turning competition into camaraderie and transforming contacts into connections. This is the gamified networking event—where the conversation starts with a question and leads to a collaboration.

Learning: The Fun of Discovery

The complexity of modern business, with its intricate regulations and detailed processes, demands a workforce that is not just knowledgeable but actively engaged. Gamified learning experiences—think of a gameshow based on the latest industry regulations—turn the often-daunting task of staying informed into an enjoyable quest for knowledge.

Rewards: The Incentive of Play

Incentives in the gamified business event are not just about the final prize. They’re about celebrating the small wins along the way. There comes a win with every correct answer on a quiz, each task completed in a problem-solving game. These moments of recognition fuel a sense of accomplishment. The team gains the drive, the desire to engage and learn more.

Feedback: The Constructive Scorecard

Feedback systems in the gamified event space are more than just a box to tick; they’re part of the game. A well-placed survey becomes a puzzle to solve. Providing feedback turns into a valued move in the larger game of event improvement.

Promotion: The Pre-Game Warm-Up

Anticipation for an event can start with something as simple as an online teaser quiz shared on social media. This gamified approach to promotion engages potential attendees long before the event begins. It sets the stage for a gathering that promises not just insights but an enjoyable experience.

Customising the Game: Tailoring the Play

In the world of gamified events, one size does not fit all. Whether it’s a finance seminar requiring delicate strategy akin to chess, or a legal conference that benefits from the deductive reasoning of a game of Cluedo, the approach can be customised to fit the audience and the content. This ensures that the learning experience is both impactful and engaging.

The integration of game mechanics into business events is a strategic move that brings a new level of excitement to professional development.

It’s an approach that respects the nuances of business and leverages the inherent desire to play, to learn, and to connect.

As Tony Jones and the innovators at veSpace have shown, this playful strategy is transforming the way we engage with the ever-evolving challenges of the business world. It’s a game where everyone is invited to play, everyone can win, and where corporate events can be a real champion. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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