Event Planning: Post-Event Feedback and Legacy

Welcome to our second feature in our event planning series where we take a look at different areas of event management. The next topic in our Event Planning series is Post-Event Feedback and Legacy, written by Michaela Itsed, Event Manager.

As the applause fades, the lights dim, and the last guest departs, our work as event managers is far from over. The true result of our efforts begins during the post-event phase. We will explore behind the scenes of the intricate world of post-event activities, from debriefing and gathering feedback to creating a lasting legacy that continues long after the event is over.

The Debrief

A detailed debrief is integral to the success of an event, where we take a collective breath to review and reflect on the entire process. This essential step serves as a foundation for improvement and future successes:

Assessment of Goals. At veSpace, we revisit the initial goals and objectives set for the event. By comparing these with the actual outcomes, they gain valuable insights into what worked, what exceeded expectations, and what areas may need enhancement. We have a meeting with the whole team involved to ensure every person is on the same page and is up to date on what outcomes we were able to achieve.

Team Debrief. Each member of our Events team shares their perspective, highlighting achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. This open dialogue raises a culture of continuous improvement and encourages creative problem-solving. We ensure the client is involved here so they can put forward any comments or suggestions for next time. We document this debrief meeting to keep in our records what went well and what we can improve.

Documentation. Detailed documentation of event proceedings, challenges, and solutions helps create a valuable resource for future reference. For example, our Client Debrief with Sage after their exhibition stand at Accountex went over 17 different factors including their accommodation and merchandise. We ask the group of our team and client representatives what element went well and what areas we could improve. This information proves invaluable when planning similar events or addressing potential roadblocks. Our Event team passes this information onto Marketing who create and publish detailed case studies of the events we are involved in. These help to showcase our hard work and specialist skills.

The Post-Event Feedback

The voices of attendees and stakeholders provide a treasure trove of insights that shape future events. Our commitment to receiving and analysing post-event feedback is a cornerstone of their success:

Surveys and Reviews. Crafting surveys or questionnaires for attendees and stakeholders encourages them to share their experiences, impressions, and suggestions. Honest feedback helps identify areas for improvement and celebrates successful elements. We use this feedback to not only improve the next event of its kind, but across all of our events.

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. Our expert team sifts through the feedback, extracting both quantitative data (ratings, numbers) and qualitative insights (comments, anecdotes). This dual approach allows for a holistic understanding of the event’s impact.

Stakeholder Collaboration. Engaging in constructive discussions with clients, suppliers, and partners amplifies the post-event feedback process. Collaborative conversations lead to a deeper understanding of the event’s overall impact and potential areas for enhancement.

The Legacy

The true measure of an event’s success extends far beyond its final moments. Creating a lasting legacy that resonates with attendees and clients alike shows our dedication and creativity:

Sustainable Impact. Our forward-thinking Event Managers embrace sustainability and social responsibility. By incorporating eco-friendly practices, charitable initiatives, or community engagement, events leave a positive and lasting impact on both people and the environment. We use EVENTsmart to measure and predict carbon emissions from our events. This tool is invaluable to our clients, especially those who have Net Zero commitments or sustainable objectives.

Content and Media. The event’s content, such as presentations, videos, and photography, becomes a digital legacy. Sharing this content with attendees and a wider audience not only extends the event’s reach but also reinforces key takeaways. Our creative Production team go the extra mile to ensure the event content is communicated expertly to attendees. We work with clients to identify if there is an opportunity to adapt the event content to be sent out after the event, and how it will continue to achieve the event goals post-event.

Relationship Building. The bonds created during the event lay the foundation for long-lasting relationships. Our team at veSpace look after these connections to further ongoing collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities that extend beyond the event’s conclusion.

The final chapter of an event is not written with the closing act, but rather with the post-event activities that follow. Our commitment as an event management agency to debriefing, post-event feedback analysis, and the creation of a lasting legacy distinguishes us as true orchestrators of memorable experiences. As the curtain falls, our dedication to continuous improvement and the cultivation of meaningful connections ensures that their events are not just moments in time, but enduring memories that shape the future of event planning.

If you would like to find out more about this, please get in touch with Michaela or one of our team.



About Michaela

Michaela graduated Bath Spa University with a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Tourism and Travel Services Management in 2010. Then, in 2012 was when her journey first started with veSpace as a Client Coordinator at Venues Event Management. Michaela remained with Agiito (Capita Travel and Events) following the acquisition where she joined the events team where she has a successful career. She managed events for Capgemini, National Grid, and Chep looking after high-touch events such as incentives and recognition events. In March 2021, Michaela rejoined the veSpace family as an Event Manager as our main event lead for the delivery of one of our biggest client’s events.

Get in touch with Michaela at michaela.itsed@vespace.co.uk.

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